My Journey so far...........


Hello and welcome to Wriggly Feet Foot Health Practitioner......This is my story and how it all began............

I grew up and went to school in Berkshire.  Once college was over  I initally started working as a nurse but  at the age of 21 I moved to British Airways at Heathrow, London where I  stayed for many years working as ground staff.  I also spent time in planning,  administration and IT.   In Dec 2014 I took voluntary redundancy  and moved to Galway, Ireland.  It was a place full of wonderful childhood memories and beautiful countryside and I had always wanted to try it.    It was indeed a beautiful place but I sadly missed home too much, and so in September 2017 I returned home to England.

Whilst in Galway,  I made a decision to start  studying  to become a Foot Health Practitioner through The  SMAE Institute, Maidenhead. I had become restless with my existing career and felt I really wanted a new career path.  I wanted to have a natural interest in whatever I chose, something that I would feel proud of and I wanted to feel that buzz that we all hope for,  knowing I was doing somthing I loved.  Working for and helping people still remained vitally important to me  and that was something I really didn’t want to lose.    When I found out about training to become a FHP I knew this was my chance to satisfy my need to find something more fulfilling.   The idea of building my own clinic which was only going to be as good as the effort and care I put into it really appealed to me,  and that along with a natural interest in the human body and working with people in a caring, medical environment mean’t I knew this was right.

I focussed on my studying and also returning back home and in May 2018 I qualified and passed my diploma with distinction! Lots of effort but totally worth it!  I was now a qualified Foot Health Practitioner ready to start my own clinic and work with my own patients.

........and so the journey begins......I hope to work in domiciliary care for at least a year but eventually  to start my own practice from home.

Lots of hard work ahead but exciting and rewarding too! Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

August 2019

It's been a very exciting year!

It has now  been just over a year since I qualified and very happily almost 300 appointments later!  I am so glad I decided to make the change and train to become a Foot Heath Practitioner.  My clients have been lovely to work with and  are so supportive.  I have realised that you are forever learning, the training continues despite being qualified .  There are various paths I could take to enhance this career which I am also considering, one being nail reconstruction but for the moment  continuing to develop my  existing skills and further developing my clinic seems to be a very satisfying and happy place to be! Thanks for reading and I look forward to writing the next update in a few months!




I would be very grateful if patients would like to write a review about my work. Please click the action button below.  This  will direct you to the contact page where you can upload a review under the "message" box.  Thank you very much!

02nd June 2018 - Tracey Bowler, Trent. 

Fantastic service from a lovely lady.

02nd August 2018 - Patricia Menist, Rimpton.

 Annie is a very friendly, caring and conscientous practitioner.  I had a package of 3 treatments for verrucas on my feet which have improved greatly and now with her help and advice I am able to look after them myself. I am sure however that I shall be finding another excuse for her to return at some point! Happy client and would recommend! 

07th October 2018 - Sally Dearling, Leigh.

Thank you so much for coming to do my feet, you did  a wonderful job and they are already feeling so much better! I am so glad I saw your advert in the Wriggle Valley Magazine.

07th February 2019 - Sue and Mark Venables, Rimpton.

Annie is  most attentive to the condition of our feet. She is careful, thorough and competent.  We look forward to her regular friendly visits.

07th March 2019 - Sharon Hardy , Yeovil.

I am a runner and a cyclist although of late the running has taken precedence and had been finding running and occasionally walking was becoming painful and ignoring it was no longer possible. Annie visited me at home and immediately put me at ease and got to work. Annie is incredibly professional, friendly and diligent and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I only wish I had contacted her sooner.