The Corona Virus - Covid 19


Availability during the outbreak

My apologies but under the guidance of The SMAE Institute in Maidenhead and the Prime Minister's announcement on the 23rd March,  I have decided to suspend Wriggly Feet during the outbreak for the next three weeks except for those patients who feel they need treatment urgently.

All existing patients who have booked ahead will be contacted and I will discuss those needs.  If you are a new patient please be aware that I will only be able to come out to see you if your needs are really necessary.  Patients will be asked the following questions below, please be truthful to protect everybody else. 

On the 6th April  I will update this announcement depending on what further advice has been given.  I am very sorry for all the inconvenience but I think we all know this is the best response to the outbreak.

Best wishes to you all and please stay safe and well during this very worrying time.  



Safety guidelines

1. All patients will be asked if they are fit and well as far as they know. 

2. Do they have any symptoms such as a dry cough, a temperature, loss of smell or taste.

3. Have they had the virus?

4. Any patients who have been abroad must be clear of any symptoms for 14 days.

5. During treatment protective clothing will be worn or used i.e. uniform, an apron, gloves, couch roll and a mask as necessary.

6.. All instruments are autoclaved, packaged and sterile.

7. IPA Isopropyl Alcohol will be used to clean feet prior to consultation and alcohol hand gel will be used before gloves are put on and after they are removed.

8. If there are any other questions that patients would like to ask regarding Covid 19 I am more than happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

General guidance to stay safe

The virus lives in the throat for 3/4 days before it enters your lungs.  

1. Wash hands regularly for 20 seconds especially when entering your house. Preferably wash with an antibacterial soap but any soap can be used.

2. Metallic surfaces can carry the virus for approx 3 days in some cases and it can also be carried on your clothes and hair.

3. Take sips of warm water every 15/20 mins if possible.  This keeps your mouth moist and helps to wash the virus down into your stomach where it will be neutalised by your gastic juices instead of entering the lungs.

4. Try to drink hot drinks regularly.  The virus cannot thrive in hot conditions and heat will kill it.

5. Gargling with an antiseptic in warm water such as TCP,  vinegar, salt or lemon to help neutalise the virus.

6. Social distancing - try to stay 2 metres away from each other.

7. Sunlight neutalises the virus.  Hanging clothes in the sunlight can help neutalise any virus on your clothes.

8. Eat fruit and vegetables - try to elivate your zinc levels not just your vitamin C levels.

9. Animals do not carry the virus. This is a person to person virus.

10.Finally do  not smoke.